Charney Primary Conference 2019

We were delighted to present an update on the research at the annual Charney Manor Primary Geography conference in February 2019. We showed a map loop of a selection of maps from the 500 maps we are currently analysing and discussed some of the emergent themes with participants. We also invited participants to comment on particular maps, themes and visual points of interest and write some comments for us. As a result we have some detailed feedback and thoughts to add to the analysis process. We hope that this will also enable the research to become more collaborative.

We shared our most recent paper that you can access Charney_2019_MM_SSPOPV_Feb19 and hope you enjoy what is a brief overview of recent work. Next stop is the Geographical Association Annual Conference at the University of Manchester where we will have the map loop on display and will be presenting a Lecture Plus session on Meaningful Maps 11.04.2019 at 11:40 a.m. More details about the conference here

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