We intend to provide a series of Blog posts with updates and think pieces about children’s maps and the research process as it develops. So far, we have had a Pre – Pilot Study thanks to the involvement of Alan Parkinson, Geography lead at Kings College Ely and other teachers who work there. The purpose of this has to be to help us test our initial ideas and instructions for the Pilot Study proper which will begin in Autumn 2017. The range of maps received has been both interesting and helpful in developing the final guidance to teachers, which we will shortly be publishing on the website along with a sample of maps produced by children at this school. We also have some short think pieces about aspects of mapping, research and children written by members of the team. More will be added in due course. You might find using tags useful to search the Blog posts as they develop. ‘Think pieces’ for example will always have this tag plus the name of the contributing author at least. A general news item will  be tagged as an ‘update’.

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